[Live Stream] Guest session: Post bootcamp experience Q&A

In this optional guest session, we’ll be talking to a number of graduates of different bootcamps to learn more about their experiences after their programs. This will let learners better understand what might be waiting for them after this program. Please bring your questions, the real stars of this session are you!

As a note: most of the bootcamp grads we’ll be talking to will have also studied a programming language like JavaScript and/or at least one framework. Learners should expect to add these skills to their knowledge base for similar results.

The session starts 2021-09-15T16:00:00Z2021-09-15T17:30:00Z

You can watch the live stream on Twitch or YouTube. Here are the links:


My apologies that the time was wrong for this event, it will be starting 30m after the time stated here.


so 2021-09-15T16:30:00Z


Hi Jess, thanks for hosting yet another helpful live stream!

Is there any chance you could share some links to the guest speaker’s socials (assuming they are happy for you to do so), so we can connect with them?


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I put up some of the notes I made in the comment section but I will put them here as well for reference. They do not list everything out since I made them according to what I needed to remember and the formatting is super wonky but I still hope that they aren’t too bad for a quick overview.


  1. html > css > js > react > node
  2. ruby > oop > java > full stack ( html + css + js + react )
  3. html > css > sass > js > react → frontend focused esp accessibility
  • do post on social media about what you are doing and how much you have done. word of mouth helps a lot
  • use linkedin to meet people in the same field as you and meet up with them if you can to learn more
  • take care of the company you are applying to if relocation is needed, not all companies will sponsor you so check that out first
  • take care of benefits, holidays etc.
  • don’t get mad at yourself for not being able to complete projects on time.
  • figure out how you learn: documentation, videos etc.
  • deep work sessions: not having distractions for longer periods of time - speak to people to check reviews before committing to bootcamps, go to meet people organising the bootcamp as well (love how annie is never scared to talk :'D)
  • if you find yourself hopping around for an hour when you think about what you were studying in that hour, then go back to first one.
  • try to do things all by yourself, don’t follow along with a tutorial completely. If you get stuck, go back to it but try it out on your own as well.
  • go connect with people online on slack and other places as well, talk to people about their current work etc. You can ask them to suggest someone else if they don’t have the bandwidth. You can ask for project feedback.
  • anyone who is a little ahead of you is your mentor, it does not need to be stated explicitly. You should not be scared to ask, people do like talking and telling at times. Do not make it purely transactional. Don’t jump in directly to asking questions. They are human as well.
  • language is not a barrier. You can learn other languages and do apply anyhow even if it is different.
  • You don’t need to know 100% of a language. You don’t know everything about your irl language either.
  • Do reach out to people who you heard giving a presentation as well. - wordpress wordcamps - have a coffee and reach out
  • they may look like celebrities online but everyone is just a normal person trying to make things work - everyone is friendlier than you think that they are

final parting words

  • it is ok to find things hard. what you are doing IS hard. be kind to yourself, you are not an idiot or slow or anything. everytime you learn something, you will realise that there are 20 more things to learn and you need to be at peace with that. find good people and interact
  • keep going even if it takes you longer than other people, if you think you are struggling more than someone else. You will ultimately reach the end goal
  • You do belong in tech. error messages are your friend, learn to read and understand them and google them up. be comfortable being uncomfortable because the industry changes very fast. Have confidence and believe in yourself. Put yourself out there and reach out even if you think that you are not perfect. Ask for help, reviews etc.

Big thanks to annie, caroline, taylor and jess!