Webdev Bootcamp Day 2: Homework

Hi guys, I am done with the “Building a Cafe Menu” homework. I am here to assist.


Nice! There is also a more active Help chat in Discord in case anyone can assist there :+1:

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Hi Guys, I am done with homework 2. I am here to assist.


Homework-2 done! :blush:

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Could you help, please?

I got stuck on step 76.
I typed:
.bottom-line {
margin-top: 25px

but it doesn’t pass.
What did I do wrong?

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I don’t see anything specifically wrong with your code. That’s my answer:

.bottom-line {
margin-top: 25px;

done with homework 2:))
lmk if I can help

Swears​:hugs::hugs::hugs: You dey motivate me :sunglasses:

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I just copied and paste yours and it still didn’t pass.
I guess it’s a glitch in the system or something.
Thank you for help anyway :slight_smile:

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Hello @charmonet. You shouldn’t just copy and paste codes. You should also make sure you understand it.

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Please can you help me with this am stuck

H1 will be your “element” here, while "text-align " will be the property, and “center” being the value of the property.
Text-align: center;


Hi where is the link to join the chat in Discord?

I’m not sure if you’ve already figured out the solution yet, but in your code you didn’t have the trailing semi-colon at the end of margin-top:25px, which could be why it failed. It should read:

.bottom-line {

Finally. Done my Day 2: Homework.

Hi, this chapter got me hooked on css.

Give space margin-top: 25px; this type

Complete day 1 or day 2 homework

Homework done