Let’s learn CSS by building a cafe menu! [Week 1]

Hello everyone!

In this stream, we’re going to learn the fundamentals of CSS through a hands-on approach by building a cafe menu. CSS allows us to style our web pages, among others by adding colors and positioning HTML elements.

Here’s where you can watch the stream:

And here’s the project we’re going to tackle:

As always, we’ll end the stream with a Q&A, so bring your questions. :slight_smile:

See you there!


Coffee menu finally done, went through all 92 steps :tada: but need some rest before moving on to the next one tomorrow. I procrastinated too much this week instead of finishing the three lessons :crazy_face:, I’ll try better next week! :crossed_fingers: Thanks for the inspiring talk last Thursday on learning how to learn :slight_smile:


Found this useful resource on GH about CSS do check GitHub - vasanthk/css-refresher-notes: CSS Refresher!

Side note: first time CSS feels like alien technology and you may / will hate it to the core ( like I did when I was learning 1st time) but don’t give up. Any help you need with CSS don’t hesitate to ask.