Need help on technical documentation

Guys I need help with d assignment question 4 ,8,12 and 13 they’ve been pain on my neck since yesterday I’ve been battling to solved it… it correct I know it typo am sure pls some should help…I would have love to Post my code bt my phone won’t allow it pls need help

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@carlost2672543,@rotimi and @Timiphil @syllie I need u guys help

Hi Nuraini, looks like my timezone is a bit different to yours, I only just now saw your question. Can you please let me know what lesson this is for? I’m sure we can sort this out.

Also, can you please remove the double posts on not relevant topics, it is no good etiquette to hijack other topics like that.

Hello Nuraini,

Thank you for asking question. I will share a little information about the task you are do and then the hint.


I hope that helps you figure it out.

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Is on web development technical documentation project

@Timiphil that the exact what I did but I’ll refused to pass that y I need u guys help

Kindly post your codes so we why it refuses to pass?

@Timiphil ,

Dat my work but it refused to pass

Thanks for sharing.

if you see from the instruction:
Each .main-section should have an id that matches the text of its first child, having any spaces in the child’s text replaced with underscores (_ ) for the id’s.

but your id=“” must not contain # and must be the same text as your h2, the only difference should be underscores (_ ). Take a look at your h2, it’s in uppercase letter and your id is in lowercase. for your code to pass, they must be the same case, the only difference is the underscores (_ ) in the id.

I hope that helps.


Hey Nuraini, you have your ids preceded by a # that is not the intent. When you STYLE a tag (in the css) an id gets the # as selector, but when you name the id, it does not.


<section id="What_you_should_already_know" ....>

Mind the capitalizations too.

and in CSS you would style that as

#What_you_should_already_know {

I hope this helps?


I’ve tried everything and still doesn’t pass and I’ve used lower case in but d Id bt still didn’t work

what us the error showing?

It still showing cancel both The 3, 12,and 13

You might want to look at your code from the beginning. if it is possible to post all of your codes here, then we may look at what the problem is?

Am sending you the history of my work so dat u can check it out

Hi @nurainiapanti2925855

Could you share all your code, not just images to actually test in freeCodeCamp? It would be easier. I will understand if you don’t want, so no worries.

Take a break anyway and back with fresh eyes to it.

Happy coding!!

I will love to but My phone is not able for copy and my PC doesn’t display free codecamp website I don’t even know what to do am confused