Typography lesson - most tough lesson yet!

I have been doing the typography-nutrition label lesson since yesterday and find it conceptually quite challenging and tough. I will very likely do this lesson alone repeatedly few times for better understanding.

Anyone else finding this lesson challenging? Any tips or suggestions on what else I can do to better understand the concept??


@thehappycoder it was towards the end dat is of challenging, starting from 47 to 66 it was somehow a bit difficult.but do u have time to glance it… again cos u have more at ur plate to do for now so wen do u intend to get to do it for second time it good to do it but do u hv time it the question it just six weeks program maybe after d program u can trend it again wat do u say…?


Hi again @thehappycoder

I think it is easy to get lost in this one. But when this is happening normally is our brain saying “Take a break. Chill for a while!”. :smile:

You also could copy all the code in Visual Studio Code, and visualize it using Live Server extension (Ritwick Dey), as you follow the steps.

Also you could have the HTML tab on in Visual Studio Code and only the CSS tab in freeCodeCamp at the same time, for example. It is not easy to follow CSS selectors…

You are doing awesome Ramya. :v: Just don’t forget give your brain time to process. :muscle:


Thank you for that! It totally true that I have too much on my plate. I will definitely give it another go later with some clear mind.

Thank you for being supportive :slight_smile:

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Thank you so very much for such supportive and encouraging words. Truly reassuring!

I completely agree with the part where brain is saying its time to chill. I have to keep telling myself that it is okay to come back later and that I dont have to do all of it in one sitting.

I really like the idea of having html and css in different tabs. That will make things clear for me on how things are unfolding with ever new selector.

I think my brain gave up when the box expanded after the “clear:right” css selector :sweat_smile: . I am going to read mdn docs with cool mind to process all these new css selectors :slight_smile:


Hi Ramya! I struggled through most of the last half of this lesson, myself. I agree with Carlos on “brain breaks”. I’ve been doing these lessons during slow times at work :upside_down_face: and there were times I was able to keep going for up to an hour or so! This is awesome, when I’m on a roll, but when I’m stumped (even after googling, using MDN etc.), I find if I walk away and do something else even for just 15 minutes or so, I see everything with fresh eyes again and find the issue. :tada:


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