My final project - open to feedback

“Final” project!
Thoughts? Questions? Critiques?

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Its amazing, I love the look of it and I like the way you made the home page. :slightly_smiling_face:
I would suggest a fixed navbar at the top/side as it would be easy to navigate, like it would be easy to toggle between pages.

Congrats on completing the course and happy learning!!!

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Very nice!!! Well done @casserole27 !!

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Thanks Kay! :slight_smile: Can you elaborate on “fixed navbar” a little bit? I’m not sure I understand your meaning.

Like making the navbar visible when you scroll down in your home page
Hope this made sense.

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Hey this is awesome! I love that you themed all your projects, and linked to separate about and project pages rather than just all within the same page like the project example, integrating other areas of your life. Nice idea with the angled projects using flex; I like it especially in single stack mode.

Also maybe Kay is referring to having the navbar set to sticky rather than fixed? I might be getting my variables wrong there.

I’ve endorsed you! Including photography… your portfolio is awesome!

Thanks for sharing a final project. I haven’t seen a discussion for that yet so will post mine here too when it’s done (hopefully a few days).

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Oh, I get it now, that makes sense. ! I wonder if that will mess up the grid?! I guess there is only one way to find out. :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much!!! :heart_eyes:

I look forward to seeing your final project!

Finally did it! Still a few tweaks to make with responsiveness and any feedback, and apologies for the neon colors. Monica Jasper Web Design Portfolio

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Yay! Congrats on finishing! Your projects look great! I especially like the design of the bonsai page, and that your techdoc is song lyrics. Your survey is very funny!

My only feedback for the responsiveness is the fonts are a little small on my mobile.