FreeCodeCamp final projects

Here is my Product landing page project.
Landing Page project

Here are my other one that I finished.
Tribute Page
Survey Form
Tech Doc page


Lovely page!Congratulation. :wave:

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It’s fantastic, great job! This gets me pumped to do mine.


So cool, great job! I love your choice of color scheme.

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Thanks everyone. I can’t just say thanks because of the 20 word minimum.
I took the color palette out of the illustration. I used Frontend Mentors Insure Landing page as a starting point.

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This is so wonderful!

This fired me up so much that I wanted to try and make my own landing page. It took me two whole days, and so much googling and stackoverflowing. But I could finally manage this :arrow_right: .

Here’s my process, and a list of resources I used:

  1. I used this random business generator to get a random business because I don’t have so creative ideas. I got “Start a /businessouvenir shop”, and immediately thought it’d be great to make a landing page for a Jewellery business named “Karousel”. The name was very random. No particular reason for the naming other then the fact that it sounded really modern, and cool!

  2. I jumped onto Canva, and quickly stirred up a logo. I used a font called Major Mono Display for both the bigger logo and the smaller logo.

  3. I went through the Landing Page guidelines on FreeCodeCamp carefully and noted them down. Then I made a very rough sketch of the landing page along with the IDs, sections etc. This helped me understand how to make the HTML file.

    (Things didn’t turn exactly as I thought they would. Please excuse my handwriting. It’s better when I am not brainstorming I promise.)

  4. I wrote the HTML and CSS. Stumbled a lot. This part took the longest. Designed the user interface along the way. I realised I should have done that shortly after I made the web skeleton.

  5. I used Unsplash for the pictures, and Imgbb to host the pictures online as CodePen doesn’t allow uploading my own files as assets as a free user.

And here it is! Thank you for inspiring me to make this @davidturner2608113 :blush:


That looks great. Keep doing what you did for this project. I use Google a lot to figure out things I don’t know. I didn’t know about ImgBB.
I am working on the Scrimba Frontend Developer path right now, so I am not coding sites as much as I have.
I use Frontend Mentor a lot. I do what you did. Sketch out the sections and classes I want to use. Then I code the site in HTML. I have about 7 or 8 HTML coded sites right now. Then I will pick one I want to do and start to style it, or I can code the HTML of another one.

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Hello Anusha,
you did a jewel of page. :smiley: :wave: :100:

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All your pages are awesome. :100: :+1:

Thank you so much @monicaszabo987451 ! :heart:

Thank you for sharing your workflow and resources with us - this is very helpful indeed!

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My pleasure :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’ll ask you for a jewel advice :smiley:

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I was looking around for ideas before I start making mine when I stumbled into yours…looks good!