My survey form project!

Wanted to take a moment to share my survey form project. I have learnt so much in the past couple weeks and I feel super proud of this accomplishment.

I know there are a couple of glitches here and there, but this is still huge for me!!!

My project is hosted on gh pages here.

My code is here


woohooo! That looks awesome! well done!

If you don’t mind a tiny suggestion: if you set the background size to ‘cover’ on the body element it will automatically fill the whole space. You could also consider adding a little bit of padding on the form inputs (so the text moves a little bit away from the edge). But these are trivial. I really like your form, the project and the execution!


Wow! Well done Ramya!! :grinning:

If I am allowed…I actually like any kind of feedback, so maybe you like too. An idea: I would recommend you back to this project when you improve your CSS knowledge and try to avoid that your layout breaks when you shrink the page, and even make everything more responsive, improving it as you learn it could be a great way to learn deeper.

But just a suggestion, it looks fantastic!! Really. Be proud of yourself.

Happy coding and weekend!!


Thanks so much @syllie and @carlost2672543 :heart: I am always hungry for knowledge and feedback, so I truly appreciate it.
Thank you so much for taking such a close look at the project to give me insights on where I can improve!!
I am really looking forward to improving my CSS skills. I find them quite challenging but hoping with perseverance and practice I should be able to find them easier soon!


Wow it’s amazing!
How did you go about getting it hosted on gh? Is it a long process? Thanks


Hi! Hosting pages on github is quite easy! The process is set out here:

I hope that helps!


Ok I’m going to try it! Thanks!

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Hi Ramya, just to say I like it! I haven’t looked at it closely enough to give any code feedback (maybe there isn’t any to give!) but I just want to say I love the look of it - that beautiful big dark photo with the sea creatures makes it feel quite immersive to me… I feel a little bit that I’m in the ocean while I’m doing the survey :slight_smile:


Thanks so much @taratraw2932180 !!!

Yep, I followed the link shared by syllie to get my stuff hosted on github pages!!

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@Nell Thanks so much for taking a look at my work!!! It makes me feel so good that you feel like you are in the ocean when doing the survey!!! That was the emotion, intention I was trying for when selecting the background and colors :dolphin: :whale: :ocean:


Oh that’s lovely Ramya, I’m glad you were glad to get this feedback!
I’d like to be able to show you my completed survey in return but I’m only at the beginning of doing it…Here’s a screenshot of the beginning. It makes me smile :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to finishing the html and then doing the css. Ps. A tisane is the drink that the detective Hercule Poirot drinks in the Poirot books : )
Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 11.46.50


Thank you for sharing your survey form with me!!! I love the para with the additional information :heart_eyes:
Ah! Tisane sounds very tea like and but more invigorating!


Thank you Ramya :slight_smile: :heart:


how do you use the visual studio for doing HTML?

Hi Linda,

I assume you mean Visual Studio Code (VSCode). As soon as you save a file with the extension HTML (or switch it at the bottom of the screen) you have full support.


If you use VSCode, you may benefit from learning emmet too as it helps tons writing HTML. Write code faster in VS Code with Emmet shortcuts - YouTube (it is built into VSCode so you get it out of the box).


hai syl,
how to install it?

Just follow instructions on the website: it is supported in all operating systems OR use the web version

Nice background. pretty cool. still working on mine. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you!! @Timiphil

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hai, Syl,
thank you… i install now

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