Where do we ask for coding help please

Hi everyone
I am struggling with my styling in CSS colour background and importing a Google font family for my tribute page. Where do we ask for help please - on here or on freecodecamp?


Hey, Clara, feel free to ask here, we are all learners and we try to help out when we (think we) know or have some more experience with one topic or another.

I also find that while you wait (cos sometimes it takes a while), it’s good to try and reed MDN and/or W3 documentation. Usually I do a search like “background colour CSS MDN” or “background colour CSS W3” and read through them. Sometimes is sounds like gibberish, but upon reading it time and time again I found that it gets easier as we get more experienced.
And, if you are more of a visual learner, you can look for 101/beginner/“how to” videos on YouTube, there’s a lot of stuff that cover different examples, so I just watch this and that and try to find the example that looks like what I’m trying to do.
(Maybe those tips sound obvious, I’m just putting it out there cos that’s how I go about it :slight_smile:


Hello @deborahsalves
Thanks for the reply, I have tried some searching and wading through the videos but couldn’t quite find what I am looking for.
So I have started the tribute page but I have got stuck, I feel like I have fallen on the first hurdle! I have tried another coding site and told my problem was too trivial which has made me feel quite foolish. Oh dear :frowning:

Can you share the link, so one of us can take a look and maybe figure out?

Don’t laugh, but my nephew is in the Paw-Patrol phase, and I quite like their “not problem is too big, no puppy is too small” motto: no problem is too trivial! After a while you may make that judgement call, but come on, we’ve been speaking out native languages since we were born and we still go “does it spell like this or like that?”, so on and so forth. Anyone who says sth is “too trivial” is not so much worth listening to :wink:

Send your code and we’ll try and help you!


I don’t know what site you went to, but don’t go back there. Post in here, I will be happy to help if I can.

Unfortunately I know paw patrol far too well as my kids like it :joy:

I won’t name and shame here but I felt quite belittled :frowning:
Thank you

I’ve sorted the issues out (good old W3 schools) but now I have a new problem - a broken image link in codepen for my tribute page (agh!)

Please guys can you look? :slight_smile: thank you again

If it’s the image not showing up, you need a Pro subscription to host images. You will have to find an image hosting service. I have my own site so I hosted there and linked to them.
I spoke too soon. The image is hosted on your site.

If I put your code in VS Code the image works fine. I don’t know why it won’t show up in Codepen.
You have your unordered list in an H5 tag which you don’t need. You also have an opening Em tag with no closing tag inside the H2 tag.
You also have a closing P tag on line 34 with no opening tag.

It may be that Codepen doesn’t allow images from http sites. You may have to use https. you have to setup your site to do that. You need to add an SSL certificate to your site. You should do that to keep your site secure

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Thank you so much that’s a great help. You’re a star!

In the upper right corner of the code windows in Codepen there is a drop-down arrow. One of the selections is Analyze. That will show you the errors in your code.
Glad I could help.

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The image is now working! I did as you suggested and added a SSL feet to my hosted website and it did the trick! Thank you :slight_smile:

Your welcome. I’m sure Codepen blocks regular http sites for security reasons.