How can I do my own links for my images?

You know that on the course they give us a link for the image. How can we make or own and avoid to do copywrite?

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Preparing images for the web is a whole area in itself but I can share some tips:

  • For free software to create your own images - I like GIMP (It’s a free counter to Adobe Photoshop)

  • If you just want to find images that will not run into Copyright infringement, I like to use but also using Creative Commons Search (now openverse) can help you with finding images you can use

  • Finally, you will need somewhere to host the images, like server space (You could make a small website on GitHub in the future) so when working on the website locally, you will be able to see your links, but there is a bit more to it as far as absolute versus relative links (which is a web topic for down the road)

Hopefully that gives some food for thought


okey, thank you very much!!! :hugs:

In the last cohort we had a discussion on this topic: How to link the image used for tribute page on my desktop
I think the discussion page kept going from the last cohort so you should all be able to read those too?

I hosted images on github, which took a bit to figure out. For my projects, I sourced free images from unsplash, and attributed the artists/photographers in my footer section. At first, I used the cat photo as a placeholder and worried about getting the code right, and later got all my images working. Hope that helps!


I use Unsplash a lot. It has tons of free images.


Yeah, I can see the discussion. Now I understand much better, thanks!