Help with css step 64 cafe menu

It says to put the footer element below the main element, I do it and it still says try again??

Did you went all the way down after the main closing tag and created a footer tag? (open tag, closing tag)

Yes I did both at the top and the bottom closing one, it still says the footer should be below the main element , I tried it a few other ways but I am stuck ):

Do you have a way showing your code?

So i try it both ways the second one i put the footer below the main then scroll down and put the closing one at the bottom

When it says below an element it means after that element is closed.
For our example after </main> (the element closing tag).
Therefore our code should be something like this:


Omg I feel so dumb lol
Thank you so much for your help!!! <3

No worries!
Our mind gets foggy from time to time :grin:
Glad I could help!