Step 88 cafe menu

could someone plz help me with the 88th step, its kinda confusing for me :sweat_smile:

I can see why it would be confusing as there’s more than one address and p tag. The question asks:

Now apply the address class to the p element containing the address.

The address and p tags in this case are these:

p> 123 Free Code Camp Drive /p>

Previously you’ve added a class to some tags by inserting a class=“whatever” attribute. So you’ll want to take a look at that line above and give it a class named “address”.

I hope that helps!


im sorry i dont get it…ill show u till where i have completed maybe u could point out my mistake and guide me

You’ve got your class attribute added exactly right, but just in the wrong P tag. They want it in the P tag preceding 123 Free Code Camp Drive. The postal address of the cafe.

So if you remove the class tag from where you have it and move it down to the next P tag you should be all set.


thankyou! i understood where the problem was

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