Build a Product Landing Page

Hello fellow campers, I’m pretty sure anyone who uses the forum knows me and how I am about projects. I have chosen to commit myself to #100DaysOfCode and to build more projects this year and learn how to use github better. I have learned so much and you guys inspire me so much, that’s the only reason I attempt to help and show you guys the stuff I build. Honestly people assume I think highly of myself, but I believe my websites are very juvenile and require a lot more work. I can only get better with dedication and time. I’m currently 2 lessons and one project away from the certification. Thank you to everyone who replied and even asked for help in this forum, without interaction and people to work along side, I wouldn’t have even came this far. Now that all the ranting is done I present to you my Product Landing Page which is dedicated to a pair of Retro Jordan’s I wish Nike would re-release :smile:

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