FreeCodeCamp Enrollment Link & Restarting Question

Thanks for doing this bootcamp using the FreeCodeCamp curriculum. I understand we are to sign up for that aspect of this boot came here:

Not certain if this will or will not apply to anyone else, however, I went thru this course on my own and earned the certificate earlier in 2020. I understand there is some debate if you want to sign up for a new account, delete your old account and start over, or just follow along and “redo” the projects, which I really want to improve my final portfolio projects and that’s the main reason I’m re-doing the course.

Is anyone else in this scenario? What are your thoughts about these choices?

Here is what I found:
Account Settings are located here:

Reset Progress:

Deleting from the Browser’s Local Storage:

I am thinking from reading theses FCC forum topics I will: just follow along with this class, re-do all of the lessons each day, and re-work my end-of-course projects (there were several wire-frame level items I couldn’t get to work out the way I wanted them to display).


Thank you for posting this. I completed these a couple of years ago and actually wanted to reset my progress and may still do so but after reading this I might also just follow along for the first couple of weeks and see if a purge is unnecessary.


I have also completed it, and I joined this bootcamp mainly to interest with other learners and through human interaction learn some more. As in my believe without any real human interaction or instruction learning may not be as effective as it could be.

And more over I’m not very social, so this experience could improve my social skills.

Well atleast that’s what I think.


I haven finished it ion full, but I wanna have the chance to work alongside other learners =]


Hi, I’m in the same boat. Completed most of it last year but didn’t know you could reset your challenges. So thanks for posting this. I’ll probably just re-do the project like most people here. But good to know you have the option.

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Don’t forget that signing up with a new email address for a new freeCodeCamp account is also possible, if anyone wants to go over the course again but doesn’t want to risk resetting their existing work!


I signed up for the FreeCodeCamp course through a new email, since I finished the Responsive Design a while ago.
Some of the challenges I am going thorough are already solved.
Is anyone else having this problem? The whole course is reset.

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You might have a cookie set in your browser that is “remembering” your progress, even though you signed up with a new email. You’ll want to delete that cookie.

If you’re on Chrome, you might see a lock icon next to the website URL. If you click on it, and click on Cookies, you’ll be able to Remove the cookies for the website you’re visiting. Try that on

Hope this helps. :wink:

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That looks like it fixed it.