Cannot log in to free code camp

I’ve tried to log in to Free Code Camp for the Web Development Boot Camp multiple times without success expecting a different result each time. To prove to myself that I am not insane, I give up trying to log in.

Oops! Something went wrong.

According to Common Technical Support Questions – freeCodeCamp FAQ

If you are getting an error that says: ‘Oops! Something went wrong, Please try again in a moment.’, you may have a duplicate account with the same email address. Please send an email to our support team: and we will manually merge or remove the duplicate account.

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This happened to me yesterday. I cleared all my cache and tried to login which worked. It might be worth to try it if you haven’t already.

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Thank you. I seem to have duplicate accounts and have contacted support.

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Thank you. The problem seems to be that over the years I have made several accounts and they like you to have just one.

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Still Oops! I give up. Thanks for your try at fixing this. It didn’t work and I do not want to continue to be frustrated. Bye bye

That’s a bummer :frowning:
I hope you won’t give up on learning web development altogether because you can’t use freeCodeCamp, though! Other similar websites that you can try are The Odin Project or Scrimba.

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Hey Ed,

It should be no issue to sign up with multiple accounts - you would simply not have your progress consolidated.

Are you sure it is not a problem with your browser and/or browser history (cookies and the likes?). Did you try clear those? Did you try an alternative browser?

Like Vance mentions, if you are determined to learn web development there are more websites that guide you through that. Don’t ditch your plans on a setback here.

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Hi @edrykiel2924290

Like Ramya Parimi and Syl have said you should try to erase browser cache and also check if some extension (or antivirus) is blocking your access. You could try too update the browser, reload and try again. Browsers out of date have problems sometimes.
Silly thing to try is login first in your account and then go to freeCodeCamp page and try it again.
Dont give up because of this, you have the video lessons in Youtube channel of Class Central and you could start from there. After you could solve challenges and dowload solutions to your PC and copy and paste later when you have solved this issue.
Happy coding!

Thanks for helping. Support has resolved the issue and I am happy again.

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Thanks for taking time to msg me. Support has resolved the issue by merging my accounts.

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To everyone who took the time to help me solve this problem, Thank You! Support finally figured it out and all is good again.

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Happy to see you back Ed! You got this!

From ur PC…?cos mine uptill date is not even showing d site am using my phone to do everything now as we speak…!

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