Bug in Building Registration Form step 35

Please am stuck in step 35.

Step 35

To give Campers an idea of what to put in their bio, the placeholder attribute is used. The placeholder accepts a text value, which is displayed until the user starts typing.

Give the textarea a placeholder of I like coding on the beach... .

Below is my solution but it throws an error

    <label>Provide a bio:

      <textarea rows="3" cols="30" placeholder="I like coding on the beach...."> </textarea>


Screenshot of the error that stuck me in step 35

I think you have one more . than you need.

Seconding @dhawal It looks like you have 4 periods after beach. You should only have 3.

Thanks alot @dhawal , @tabethaosborn2668102 it has worked :raised_hands:

Cause of the error: I had four periods/dots(…) after the beach instead of three periods


Remove the one dot (.)
that is a full stop.