Unenrolling from this cohort?

Hi, I enrolled in this cohort plus the Web Dev bootcamp cohort as wasn’t sure which would suit me best timezone-wise. As it turns out the Web one is perfect but this one not so much, the lives are middle of the night. So been trying to find a way to unenrol from this JavaScript bootcamp cohort and will enrol again next time when the live times switch around. Is there a way to do it or should I just leave it and ignore all the emails etc.


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Hi @donnar2671543,

For now there is no “unenroll”, but they can unsubscribe from email notifications here:

Webdev unsubscribe.
Javascript unsubscribe

This is the same link that is included in the bottom of each email.


ok thanks and that only unsubscribes from current cohort ? I wasn’t sure about that so hadn’t clicked it.

For Javascript Bootcamp, that’s the link: here.

I put both options just in case anybody else need it!


You can also check the video streams later on as they are recorded.

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That’s true @JeffScript, thanks for the suggestion. But I was only ever going to do one of the bootcamps at a time, definitely don’t have time for both. And I really enjoyed being able to attend the first Web Dev session live last night (my time).

Perfectly understood.
Yeah! It was real fun too, right?