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Has anyone else completed the Survey Form challenge. I finished mine some time ago and was prepared before the bootcamp even started. Let me know what you guys think of it. It is fully functional and I can see the data that you guys submit :grinning: Anime Survey Form


:sweat_smile: wow I’m sitting here working on mine and realized we has the same idea lol

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Hi there working on mine now, what did you use to make it a website? mine is just CodePen

I think you have a hint in the web address: Netlify

This is my project for the survey form



I posted it as a repository on GitHub and deployed it with Netlify. If you need some help with the process let me know. It’s not very hard and teaches you the git process.

Love the idea, I would optimize it for mobile view a little bit more though my friend, outside that it’s perfect, good work.

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Mine isn’t as pretty as yours, but it passed 17/17. Should this be 100%? I entered the codepen url into the solution url box and then clicked “I’ve completed this challenge.”

Mine isn’t as pretty as yours, but it passed 17/17. Should this be 100%? I entered the codepen url into the solution url box and then clicked “I’ve completed this challenge.”

Not sure what’s that with those percentages. I had 40% but maybe this is the overal progress of your tasks? Algorithm only checks your user stories so it can’t be about estetic values…

I also used codepen, but would love to change it to a more functional survey like yours. If it’s not too much trouble, can you briefly walk me through how you did it on Github > Netlify?

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  1. Write the code for your website, HTML,CSS, JS if needed
  2. Create Github account and learn how to publish a Repository
  3. Create Netlify account and go on Youtube and search “How to deploy on Netlify”

If you do these three steps you will be posting your own websites in no time. I still use codepen for small projects that are non responsive. I only deploy stuff I plan on showing to friends, family, potential clients, and future employers.


Alright thanks, next question would be how? the Survey test only recommended CodePen if I recall correctly…

Can you show how? Or where did you learn that?

  1. To get started with Github Git & GitHub Crash Course For Beginners
    Expand understanding Git and GitHub for Beginners - Crash Course Free Code Camp
  2. Deploying with Netlify Deploy Your Website In Minutes With Netlify
    Expand understanding Deploy Websites In Seconds With Netlify

The videos after the numbers are one’s that I have actually used to understand the process, the Expand understanding section is for you to have a solid grasp on the concepts provided. Watch these videos and take notes. Originally I used github pages and already understood the process before using Netlify, believe me github pages wasn’t as beginner friendly as Netlify is, that’s why I ended up using it :grinning: watch the videos, take notes, and happy coding bro!


Thanks for responding. I’m not sure why it passes 17/17, but only shows 20% complete on project. Interesting yours did 40%. Maybe it’s a glitch and won’t matter in the end.

I’ve done more of the challenges, I don’t know if that’s why. I’m already on the nutrition build

Damn bro u totally nailed this project! Congrats!

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Good Work Keep Going

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Just remember that there are 5 projects to complete.
Completing one project will give you 20%.