Suggestions for retaining the material

I love what I am learning but often forget the terms used for some of the different components and struggle to remember them when needed. I’ve thought about flashcards or redoing the assignments again and again until they are lodged more safely. I’ve considered picking up a book or two to have around for reference but not sure that will be any easier than online searches. My problem is remembering odd attribute names and some of their parameters.

How can I maximize my learning of the terms, attributes, etc.?

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Speaking purely from my own perspective learning this stuff also – I think a big part of it is simply remembering that there is an attribute or element that does a particular thing. So you know what to look up when you need it. For example, I remember that there’s an attribute for setting the allowed characters in a password field. I’m sure not going to remember it exactly though. But I know it’s a thing and I bet I can find it pretty quickly. After I’ve looked a thing up 2 or 3 times it maybe sticks a bit better. So on and so forth.

It’s an interesting mindset difference for me personally. I’ve always associated knowledge with being able to remember particulars and recall them at will. Really though, with such high quality reference materials and search engines, knowledge has become the ability to know a concept and where to find the particulars you need in that moment.


Hi Wayne, well it just happens that I am taking a course with CC about learning ( and teaching) with Dr Barbara Oakley. I wholeheartedly recommend you this course (Uncommon Sense Teaching) and another one ‘Learning How To Learn’. It literary changed my life. I am not joking! You will find many techniques that will help you retain the information in your long term memory. She also has some great books Learn like a pro’, Mind of Numbers, etc.


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My suggestion that if you’re attempting to retain the information then build a project with what you have learned. There are a lot of semantics in web development, it’s a massive amount of information, don’t try to remember it all, it’s impossible. Know your fundamentals! Have fun and try not to put too much pressure on yourself, it’s a constant learning process. Learn how to use google search like a pro and bookmark information that you constantly come back to. Another thing, try using to keep good notes on what your learning. And check out a few youtube videos on building a “second mind” that helped me also.


I’m 42 year old and below are my experiences about remembering things

  1. User FlashCards ( Anki app for MAC ) use them religiously every day
  2. spaced repetition ( do google and check YT videos )
  3. Follow pomodoro technique ( again google to know more )
  4. No need to remember each and every thing in HTML, CSS, JS. If you know main concepts it’s good enough.
  5. Googling is the trick of the game, everyone does that even senior, principal engineers making 300 - 500K grand in FAANG ( except managers who don’t do coding )

Hope this help.


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