Social Learning on MOOCs

hi all,

Nice to meet you all here to learn together and also spread the love of learning.
It is sad to see most MOOC classes have become pretty lonely. Discussion boards are quiet and even peer-graded assignments are not looked upon by anyone! Everything has become so mechanical in many MOOCs.

Many MOOC Instructors are amazing, still, their classes suffer from a lack of social engaement. Hope this social learning initiative by Class Central contributes towards greater fulfillment for all stakeholders in the MOOC world! Happy learning everyone.


as we know now MOOCs are 'classes offered on MOOC platforms. – these are no longer MOOCs, still, use MOOC platforms to reach globally, so, are still called MOOCs – have become OOcsM in MOOCs is missing in reality in most MOOCs.

The number of classes on MOOC platforms is increasing, the same classes are offered on multiple MOOC platforms with their own rules and fees. All these have resulted in diminishing class participation by learners and social learning is no longer present in most— so-called MOOCs. So, let us hope Class Central can inspire social learning on MOOCs, by inspiring various stakeholders to get involved on the CC platform to revive the social learning experience.

what can we do to revive the social learning experience among current and future MOOC learners?
Here are some thoughts —please add your own…

  • We can share information about the CC cohort to our social networks

  • hope CC inspire more instructors to get involved in cohorts to revive SS in their classes

  • inspire MOOC providers to give full audit access (not restricted) to all classes — open to all, with actually bring the value of the class, as well as the MOOC platform and do greater good for many

  • please share more ideas/thoughts ----we each learner can do our own best to promote cohort movement …! Cohorts are powerful, as, we are here to learn because we love learning, and spread this love…!


ok, here is what I shared on my Facebook page today!
These images are from pre-pandemic when I attended a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in January 2020! Sharing a screenshot

of my post!

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