Object Oriented Programming: Homework (Fall 2022)

Hey JavaScripters !

Great job today! :purple_heart: We made it through the prototypes and Object Oriented Programming. Who would have thought. :wink:
Please, don’t stress yourself if you have not understood everything. It will take a bit of time and remember to take it easy!

:loudspeaker: Quick reminder about homework for the next session!
Tomorrow we’ll do our fourth project Telephone Number Validator , so your homework is to finish the last five exercises of the Object Oriented Programming lesson and maybe have a think about possible solutions to the project. (If you are pressed for time - we will not need the homework for the project tomorrow. So you can also just have a look at the Telephone Number Validator and do the homework another day.)

Remember folks, you’re not alone.
Don’t hesitate to seek help in the js-help channel or on the forum! Together we can tackle everything!

Be sure to collaborate, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest!!!

We’re all in this together!
Happy Coding!


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