[JS] Guest Session: Learning How to Learn for Programmers (Barbara Oakley & Zach Caceres)

Technological change is relentless. It often feels like software engineers must learn new tools, techniques, and systems every day.

Distinguished Professor of Engineering Barbara Oakley is the instructor of Learning How to Learn on Coursera, one of the world’s largest massive open online course, with over 3 million students.

In this presentation, she’s joined by software engineer Zach Caceres to show you how you can better use the most important tool in a software developer’s toolkit: your own brain.

Here’s where you can watch the guest session stream:


This session was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who made it happen.


I attended this session live stream on Youtube. Gained valuable knowledge that is important to apply. Thanks to Ramon, Barb & Zach, and to all as well.


i tried to download Anki but it shows error when installing … any help?

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Great that we could have had this session, it helps to have a better vision of the way to go to learn to be better developers of innovative technology


Anki is tricky - I found I could only download it on a non-Apple computer / laptop, not a mobile device or anything Apple related. Mind you, this was eons ago, I’ve used Anki for many years, so that may have changed.

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