Issues with freeCodeCamp?

We’re using the beta version of the freeCodeCamp web design course. Beta software means it’s been tested out, but that it’s still being fixed up a little more before being released to everyone. You all are some of the first learners using it!! But sometimes there can be some problems with new software.

Did you find a typo, or problem with the course? You can get open source contribution experience for fixing or even just documenting the problem. freeCodeCamp is an open source project. This means that people like us can contribute to the course material and code that makes up their website.

If you have a Github account, reading this contribution guide can be a really good way to begin exploring raising issues (that’s when you document a problem) or making contributions (that’s when you fix the problems!). We’ll have a guest next Thursday showing us how to use Github, so don’t worry if you haven’t used the tool yet.

If you don’t want to report your problems with freeCodeCamp, just reply here and we (the instructors and your fellow learners) will try to help you, and we’ll document the problems with freeCodeCamp to try and get them fixed.