Is there any way to see my previous solution in FCC?

Hello everyone, sometimes I want to check what was my solution to a certain exercise in FCC but it’s only displays if I completed the exercise or not, is there any way to check my answer somewhere? Not sure if I’m missing something.


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Hi Ben @benhasel2924116

Right now, it seems like you need to save your exercises if you want to do that, not sure. I did that in JS curriculum. I have all in different folders.

Your projects solutions are possible to check again tought; in Menu / Settings and scroll down to Certifications section to see it.

I hope someone know more about this.

Happy coding!

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When you press ctrl+s it saves it to local storage, but it only works sometimes.
Safe is it to download the solution.


Seems to be that way. Could be a nicer feature to check again your older code. Thanks for the projects solutions detail though! Should be like that for all FCC exercises too

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