[Guest Presentation] Antonio Roberts: Programming and Digital Art

Technical skills can be about more than just making websites. We can use them to make art!

Antonio Roberts is an Artist and Curator based in Birmingham, UK. During his over ten year career he has exhibited digital art at institutions and events including Tate Britain, Barbican, SXSW, Whitney Museum of American Art, Jerwood Arts and more.

In this short talk he will show you how he uses programming to create digital art that ranges from animated gifs, music and video to interactive design, live visuals and gallery installations

You can watch the live stream on Twitch or YouTube.
Time: 2021-09-22T17:00:00Z2021-09-22T18:00:00Z

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It was eye-opening to see how programming could be used to make digital art and music. I’m definitely going to check out an Algorave in the future! This reminded me of AIVA, which is an an AI system that uses machine learning to train to compose music. AIVA has it’s own Youtube channel with original compositions that’s worth checking out. As always, top-notch presenters in this bootcamp. Thank you!


Really glad you enjoyed it!

I did a similar presentation earlier in the year for The Coding Train which you might wanna check out

I followed it up with a performance

Good luck with learning live coding!


I appreciate you going into your experiences. I’m a visual artist in school for the first time and wondering how I’ll connect into my natural passions and ideas. I love that you share your perspective on this.


Thanks for sharing! Great performance and fantastic visuals!

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