Guest Miguel Useche: Devtools are your best friends for web development

Hi everyone,

Friendly reminder that our guest session is September 8th, 2021.

This week, Miguel Useche, a freelance web developer and open source advocate from Venezuela, who loves to help many open source communities (mainly on Mozilla and WordPress). He’s the founder of Venezuela’s first Wordpress Meetup, Mozilla Venezuela and he was a Operating Systems and Programming professor at Universidad del Táchira. Miguel has been involved with Mozilla since 2010, he was part of the Mozilla TechSpeaker program but he still loves to evangelize about the latest and newest open web technologies to build a better web.
He will be talking to us about " Devtools are your best friends for web development"

Watch on Youtube: Devtools are your best friends for web development: Guest speaker - YouTube
Watch on twitch: Twitch

I hope to see many of you there.

Your can watch the recording here: Link

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Can browser dev tools be used similar to an IDE where changes made to a local html/css file in the browser’s dev panel(s) can be saved to the file? Or does one have to transcribe or copy-paste the changes made in the browser’s dev panel(s) to the file manually?

Take a look at this Stack Overflow question