Git and GitHub for Beginners - Crash Course

Git and GitHub for Beginners - Crash Course

I have just watched the Saturday Social video (11 Sept). Thanks Jess & Ramon for the great introduction to Git/Github, it was very exciting and left me wanting to know more about Github.

I found this great beginners video on YouTube from freeCodeCamp by Gwen Faraday

I hope other ‘students’ find it as helpful as I did.


Great stuff! Github will definitely be your programming portfolio for all to see!

I kind of keep running into problems when i use this one to be honest, Jess and Ramon’s steps always worked for me and the speed was very comfortable to move along with. I will come back to this one when I learn more.
Good luck to everyone else though!

I found it took me about 2 hours to digest the first half hour, stopping frequently, skipping the SSH section, taking notes and following along in visual studio code and github. :grimacing: Going to skip the branch and forking for now to keep things simple because I don’t think we’ll need it for our course projects.

I tried doing the SSH workflow a few times, but found the HTTPS is much simpler, and forums online didn’t seem to think it was a problem. What are other’s thoughts on that?

Overall I thought this video was awesome; I think Gwen did a great thing of breaking down every concept as simply as possible. Thanks @jillyj2598247 for sharing!

Now I’m off to find how to make my repo images work as hosted images in my site. I think for the tribute site I had done a workaround…

Great I’m also interested to know more about git. I’ll see how this beginner goes about.

Other videos that I would also recommend watching are the following:

Tech w/ Tim: Git Tutorial for Beginners - Git & GitHub Fundamentals In Depth - YouTube

A good one in Spanish (en español) by Fazt: Git y Github | Curso Práctico de Git y Github Desde Cero - YouTube