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Hello everyone,
I finished the projects, I showed the solutions , I clicked on the -Agree-button for accepting the academic honesty policy but still I got a message:

“You must first accept our academic honesty policy”

I don’t know what to do next for getting my certificate.
Thanks a lot.

This may sound like a stupid question, but what happens if you click on Accept our Academic Honesty Policy under Claim Your Certification?

I can’t investigate because mine is already checked. If yours is checked, you might want to either open a thread on their forum, or email their support. Sounds buggy!

ETA: I doubt an extension could be causing this (although I’m not sure). I would email support with some screenshots if I were you :slight_smile:

I did mine from under my ‘profile’ option rather than the course part

These are the feedbacks I got. I can’t change the profile settings and page checkers are gone when I return back.
Many thanks .

You have set your 4th last option for ‘my certifications’ to private. You have to keep it to public like it says and then try to claim the certification once. I hope that it will work then.


Thanks again.

I don’t know what is happening.Now the links are unchecked after being checked before.

After the timestamp of the three screenshots I’ve taken ,
it’s clear that results are not persistent.
Is there any technical problem? because I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m confused.
Sorry for disturbing.

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You’re not disturbing! The forum is for help. If your account is synced (which it probably is), you can try a different browser once or like Matthew said, put it on the forums at freecodecamp :confounded:.
I apologise for not being able to help, maybe someone more equipped than me can figure it out.


Besides a different browser, as @seaweedknight suggests, maybe try accessing it on a private tab. With me (Chrome) I find that the cache sometimes gets in the way, like, I’ve update stuff, but it’s still showing me an old, cached version!

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Thank you, all for helping. I received my certificate. I changed the browser and I could claim it.
Best regards. :hugs:



Out of curiosity, which browser were you using and what did you change to?

Hello Matthew,
When I couldn’t claim the certification I used Safari and when I finished the procedure I tried with Chrome.
Best wishes.


I just got mine, and I used Chrome.


Be happy :smiley: :wave: Congratulations!


Can you show you @monicaszabo987451 show your certificate .:bouquet::bouquet:

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Here is my certification.


Hello David,
Did you download your certificate?
Or you took a screenshot?

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Hello Yogesh,
My certificate


I took a screenshot.

:+1: Thanks for answering.