Bruce Lawson presentation - HTML specification link or PDF?

I believe Bruce Lawson mentioned something about a developer version of the HTML specification available as a PDF? Or maybe it was just a link? Where might I find that? Thank you!

Also, another great presentation! Thank you to the folks who have been putting these together!


Think this smight be what he was referring to? correct me if I’m wrong


For those that might have missed the presentation :wink:


From my notes, 31:25

6:12	BOOK
9:05 - Jooly’s Joint
16:52	BOOK
19:23	BOOK
43:31     Keyboard navigation   HT @manocormen

Thank you! That is very detailed.

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Bruce has been lovely enough to share his slides with us in PDF form

You can find them here.

If you wanted to chat to Bruce or say thanks for his presentation, here’s where he lives on Twitter.


I watched the Bruce Lawson guest session yesterday and it kinda hit me the “Built-in beats Bolt-on. Bigly.” concept. So, just to be make peace with my mind: is it better practice, for example, to style a text (font, color, size, etc.) directly in html?

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Not at all. The idea is that the structure is HTML, the styling is CSS.

If you are old enough, think about webpages back in the 2000s. Or about how a page loads nowadays when your connection is poor: you basically bigger/smaller text, some underlined, blue (active) links and maybe a menu with a bullet list. That is the structure. The “menu” is in its core a list of contents, right? (as it is in a restaurant’s menu, or in the index of a school paper). The title is just text that you highlight (bigger, bolder) to let the reader know what a bunch of paragraphs is about. That is the structure of your page.
(If you’ve never seen a page like that, try CTRL+U (command+U) in any webpage, copy and paste the code to a local .html file in your computer and open it in a browser. You’ll see how all styling goes away and you’re left with pure structured content)

Now, if you take the exact same content and apply different stylesheets, you can have a website look completly different, though the content and its structure remain the same. Think of a website that was built in the 2000s, ugly AF, and then got refurbished a few years later. It now looks much prettier, but the content is still the same.

You if you wanna look further, this concept is called separation of concerns. That is: you got structure/content on one file (.html), style on another (.css), interactivity on another (.js) and so on and so forth

Hope that helped, if I was too confusing, let me know and I’ll try to be more clear =]


Thanks a lot Deborah, your explanation it’s perfectly clear. I was just a little confused by Bruce’ speech. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the useful presentation from Bruce, he mentioned in the Q&A section that there was a Malaysian lady who had some great videos on FIREFOX Dev Tools.
I wondered if anyone has the link to the videos he mentioned.

@drif has been kind enough (as super thorough!) to share them in this post.

Thanks Deborah,
I had seen those links.

Bruce, he mentioned in the Q&A section that there was a Malaysian lady who had some great videos on using FIREFOX Dev Tools not just for debugging (I think her name was Chen/Jen?) It was links to these videos that I was trying to get.

Oh good catch! Maybe this one?

Her personal site here.

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Hey drif, thanks for the links - that’s great. Will check these out :smiley:

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