An Incentive to learn!

i start with a disclaimer that statistics say( somehow ) 90% of people who buy educational( learning ) products do not tend to open them. Its not that they don’t wish to learn or that the learning material is not good, but they need to be kept interested with carrots.
There is the Pomodoro technique of course to complement learning with some kind of reward in the end.
i want to talk about a specific version of this. There are plenty of games( online or offline ) which work like start ‘T’ and wait for ‘Y’ minutes to complete ‘T’. These are relatively passive games which only need inputs occasionally. But they are still games that keep your brain switched on. So when you need to work through a lot of study material, keeping games like this in the background will help you to stay in it!

P.S: i was kind of doing it and putting it out here.