[4th Zoom Session] How Human Brains Evolved

Join our fourth Zoom session starting at 2022-02-07T15:00:00Z.

(If you want to save your spot or chat before the starting time, the Zoom meeting will be open 30 minutes in advance)

In this meeting we’ll be discussing the topic for week four: How Human Brains Evolved—and Why This Matters for your Teaching.

“Do children learn differently than adults? Yes they do, and this week’s insights show us how our brains change as we mature. These changes mean that certain approaches that work great for our youngest students aren’t necessarily appropriate for middle and high school students. Looking at learning from an evolutionary perspective helps us to understand why some types of learning are natural and easy, while other forms can be far more difficult. What are some of the best ways to tackle teaching the more-difficult-to-learn material? That’s what this culminating week of our first MOOC in the Uncommon Sense Teaching Specialization is all about!”


Session recording: here.

@sonal I was wondering…… when we are learning on DuoLingo, are we really using procedural or declarative learning? Or both?

Naina: Sonal, I think both

@sonal Yes, more like child playing …I also feel more of my learning is happening procedural, still, as very slow pace! Different languages have different types of resources. I practice Chinese and this may tale lifetime of learning —and am happy as long as I do not get bored…!

@conniehayek421589 I definitely would like to be a beta learner. I like getting the scoop before every one else. :slight_smile:

Barb: Send an email to oakley@oakland.edu

@Fabio A great place to practice speaking with other learners/natives for free is free4talk.com (chat rooms). There are some discord servers to practice speaking too

@conniehayek421589 There are some people who use Clubhouse to practice English. It’s a good way to get familiar with conversational English.

@jakupiec I have a friend who is Iranian and German and moved the to the U.S. from Iran as a teenager. English was his third language and he speaks it without an accent. He said that he identified strongly as an American after moving here.

@Kristina I agree that identity is really important - I grew up in Sweden but have lived in the UK, Germany and now Spain, but it was only in the UK that I learned the accent really well, because I felt less like a foreigner and wanted to integrate. In Germany and Spain I feel more like an expat and just learn what I need to know but can’t seem to get beyond that.

@sonal In India, from the elementary school, we have to learn at least 3 languages!

@conniehayek421589 When I was in high school and college, learning a another language was mandatory. I took French, Spanish, and Latin…big mistake! I was always mixing them together.

@mica_mesina Same with the Philippines! Most people are fluent in 2-3 languages.

@karishmamcdon2695502 Tagalog is next on my list!

@heathersternshein I am so jealous of all the folks that speak/learn so many languages!

@beckykendall2583854 Me too, Heather. I’ve tried learning other languages so many times in my life and just can’t retain any.

Naina: What kind of metrics/benchmarks should a teacher have for their online class, to say that teaching is happening in a good way? If say they apply all that is learnt in this course, what kind of improvement should they expect?

@Fabio https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/multiple-sclerosis/expert-answers/demyelinating-disease/faq-20058521 “Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. In this disorder, your immune system attacks the myelin sheath or the cells that produce and maintain it.”

@nielda desire x aversion

@wademaines582697 I like to think of it as Dreams or Disaster

@nielda I watch Barb’s course as I’m watching my favorite serie. I sit and think “time to learn and have fun” and sometimes I’m tired, but I can’t stop watching until I finish the week’s content

@mica_mesina My friends set up an online “study date.” We start a group video, and study and just mind our own business. Helps us get motivated :rofl:
Most of the time we just so our own thing. When you feel like quitting and see your friends are still reading or are studying, you’ll end up opening your notes again :rofl:

Rabbi Bell: What’s the name Barb mentioned regarding chocolate and broccoli? Dapne…?

@wademaines582697 Daphne Dragona

@markgrooms2697703 Barbara - I agree with you . You need to hook students instead of tell them what you are going to say. It’s like telling the end of a story first.

@conniehayek421589 I read an article about an epidemiologist who talked about early misconceptions about Covid because scientists were ‘stuck’ on ideas put forward decades ago about how viruses evolve. Interesting phenomenon that people can ignore reality in favor of past learning.

@keremkart Good question Luis, I think first %100 percent harder :smiley:

@heathersternshein this method?

@shr47k Barb; just wanted to say Thank you!, I sent you an email a few years back asking about Rage mode( being a combination of Focused and Diffused mode). You replied saying the jury is probably out on Rage because it can’t be studied. it made my day then!

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I have been wanting to start a discussion on Clubhouse. If anyone is interested in meeting there, I’d love to host a room focused on learning science.


Hi everyone, yes i would love that.
I am already addicted to the Clubhouse.
Have a club Science of Learning - we are discussing Pomodoro technique tomorrow at 7 pm eastern Canada/US time.


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I am not much familiar with the clubhouse. Still, please share here, would love to stay connected with you all!
I think I do have an account on the clubhouse, still have not used it much!

I sent you a message on CH … it’s fun …, we can chat easily :smiley:

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thanks, I did not see any message from you!

Check the airplane in the bottom right corner of the app

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Thanks, I think I waved at you. I am not much familiar with that app. Next few days/weeks I am going to be away for medical treatment — so, may not respond — still, i you have created any room on the club house please share the info about it here. How to join etc . Thanks.

Good luck with your treatment :cherry_blossom:

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I don’t know if I missed it or not…I’ll check in at 7:00. Hoping it is tonight.

Yes … tonight 7 pm eastern time :smiley: