Week 3 Eastern Stream

Hi everyone!

Friendly reminder that our Eastern stream with Jess starts September 6th, 2021 1:30 PM . You can find more information, and links to join, on the stream’s page .

Tommorow, we’ll have our Western stream , which will cover the same content but later in the day, so people on different time zones may join.


Twitch - twitch
Let's Learn CSS: Week 3 of the free webdev bootcamp - YouTube - YouTube

You can find the recordings of all past live streams in the Events page of your Bootcamp Portal.


Update : The stream has ended. Thanks for joining. You can watch the recording on YouTube or Twitch.

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@jesslynnrose Here are feedbacks regarding your ask for feedback in the stream: I hope there will be two sessions for the guest sessions as well. It is very useful to us, but the time is quite hard for Asian and Australian learners to join. Therefore, may you consider another session? Thanks!


This is so useful, we’re a little penned in with what we’re able to do this time, but I’m looking at how to better support you all in future cohorts, thank you so much!