Questions for Dr. Sharon Morsink

Hey, y’all I am creating this thread so that we can piece together a list of questions that can be addressed during the live session with Dr. Sharon Morsink. Drop your questions below :slight_smile:


I just came across this article titled “Hubble Captures a Black Hole That is Forming Stars, Not Absorbing Them”

I’m not at the point (yet) where I can interpret this, but I suspect it isn’t as golly-wow as the article tries to make it appear. Can it be translated to beginning-studentese?


excellent question, I think they are talking about jets of material that escape the black holes gravitational pull due to magnetic forces?

The mass ejected is giving rise to a stellar nursery but I am curious about what enables this mass to escape the enormous gravitational pull


Yes, I thought about jets, but they make it sound so unique to this particular entity.

  1. How is density high and pressure low right before the formation of a star?

  2. What does “collapsing” inside a star look like? How do the collisions create outward pressure strong enough to balance gravity?

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