Palindrome project moved to next week!

Hey there JavaScripters!

Upon reviewing some of the exercises and the palindrome project, I’ve updated the schedule to slightly move these around. Tomorrow (Jan 19th), instead of doing the palindrome project, we’ll be covering ES6 #2. On Monday 24th, we’ll cover Regex (regular expressions) and on Tuesday 25th we’ll tackle the Palindrome project. After that, things will stay the same.

The new schedule can be found in the events page.

Happy coding! :rocket:


Ah ok, thank you Ramón

I did the project before knowing it had been moved and did it without regex. I hope that’s ok…

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Hey Rocío!

That’s totally fine, nice one! :purple_heart:

I’d love to use our knowledge of Regular Expressions to do the project, but if you’ve done it without it, all the better, great work!


Thank you Ramón! See you!