Inside the Black Hole Image that made history

Here is the TED talk by Shep Doelman – that explains what went into making this first black blackhole image of M87.

Shep is the PI of the EHT project. So, do watch his interview here. He gives very good public talks too, so check out on Google.


Thank you for sharing this link Sonal. I also watched his presentation on Golden Webinar: The Event Horizon Telescope - From First Images of Black Holes to Real Time Video [[Sheperd Doeleman: The Event Horizon Telescope - From First Images of Black Holes to Real Time Video - YouTube] Both truly helped reinforce some of course work. Much appreciated. However, I noticed in the longer Golden Webinar, he mentioned all the telescopes that provided data for the creation of the black hole image, he didn’t mention the Greenland telescope. Is that because the data wasn’t able to be used?

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Great observation Janice! yes, that is true, in the first image data, the Green land telescope was not included, as, that was still under construction, and it has been part of the next set of data from 2018, those are still under process! So, GLT is an NGEHT set of telescopes. In all future images, GLT is part of it and they will be publishing the data too! So, stay tuned, I can not share much detail till those results are published!
In the by Shep that you have linked above, he mentions next-generation telescopes for future observations —that include GLT! He talked about adding 13 new sites for NGEHT and GLT is one of those! The data from GLT will be part of the new more refined image! So, stay tuned! They collected data that you saw in the Taiwan TV movie! :slight_smile:

By the way, in the first image, the Hawaii telescope was part of EHT, there also my husband has worked for 20+ years! It is called the Submillimeter array in Hawaii! Your question was quite relevant.

In 2019, their team won the breakthrough prize. Check out the news about it EHT image team won breakthrough prize.

Above is a picture of the EHT team members --can you recognize Nimesh? (Hint: 3rd row --4th)

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Thank you so much for this update Sonal!!! The people working on the data for over 3 years must be extremely PATIENT! I guess it’s very special people who can appreciate the intimate details and the small rewards that come along as more information is pieced together. So glad to have the opportunity to meet some of you! I also smiled during Nimesh’s talk with us last Friday. You mentioned how he gets very excited. He became noticeably animated and energetic when he could respond to some questions. It was fun and so personal!

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Janice, I shared your question with Nimesh, and here is what I heard from him…here I am sharing his response to your question!
Also, thanks for your comment about Nimesh! :slight_smile:

Below is the response from Nimesh to @Janice2’s question—

Yes, Janice is right. Greenland telescope started observations with the EHT only from April 2018. The black hole image data are from April 2017 when our telescope was still being assembled. But most of our team members from GLT were actively working on the 2017 data. And 2018, 2021 data including GLT’s will produce a sharper image of M87 black hole than the published one.