Deaf blind girl who went to Harvard at the White House meeting with the president

hi all,

This week we spoke a little about how the disabled learn …and especially we talked a little about Haben Girma before the formal zoom session began —

sharing a nice video, when she went to the white house, during the celebration of 25 th anniversary of the Americans with disability act, see how the president talks to her. The types and Haben reads using her braille keyboard. (she can not see nor hear), still, she is proficient in communication.

Her, short speech to greet and introduce the president and the vice president at the ADA’s 25th-anniversary event at the white house.

thanks, @nielda for bringing up this topic. See, how she communicates, with the president in the above video! Note, she is deaf and blind, so the president can not talk to her, so, he talked using the keyboard by typing. Her keyboard is a braille keyboard, using which she reads in braille. This is how a deaf and blind person would take the MOOC class --they will read the transcript using a braille keyboard. If the person is only blind they read using a software called screenreader on their computer. They can still listen to the video. Still, often, they prefer to read, as, they can read much faster that way!

Do you know, we have 1 billion disabled people in this world, who all need to use some type of assistive technology to access educational material? Even if only 5% can learn on MOOCs, that would be millions, learning using assistive technologies!