[Week 7] Everyone matters: an Inclusive Approach to Design, Development and Testing

This session will be looking at accessibility in web development.

You are the next generation of people in tech. You will be going on to work at disruptive businesses. You will be a part of shaping the future of humanity through the products you help build.

What kind of future are you aiming for? A more comfortable future? A more fun future? A kinder future? Personally, I’m aiming for a future in which every single person matters. If you’d like to join in creating that future, you’ll need to bring along your individuality, your knowledge and your experience. You’ll also need to bring a certain mindset that ensures you design, develop and test with everyone in mind. That mindset is what I’ll be discussing in my talk. Let’s build a future together that embraces everyone, regardless of who they are.

Our guest Parham Doustdar is the Engineering Manager of the Accessibility team at Booking.com. He was born blind, and went on to become a developer early in life. He relocated to the Netherlands 5 years ago, and he has been part of many projects at Booking, including building a multi-cluster deployment software for Kubernetes.

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