Way behind...still have some questions about Cat Photo App

Hey all! I’m slowly getting caught up (yes, I’m still on the first lesson!!). I’m stuck on step 42 of the cat photo app: Step 42

Even through you added your button below the text input, they appear next to each other on the page. That’s because both input and button elements are inline elements, which don’t appear on new lines.

You learned previously that the button submits the form by default, but you can explicitly add the type attribute with the value submit to make it clearer. Go ahead and do this to specify this button should submit the form.

for this line of code Submit

I can’t figure this out!!

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Hi!sorry, just noticed the prvious comment wasnt showing, try adding: button type=‘submit’

Thanks, I’ll try it!!

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Yep, it was the quotations that had tripped me up for some reason. Glad to move on!!!

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