The livestreams on Twitch in light of the recent data leak

Hi everyone (again - I couldn’t write here for a while, so glad to be back!).

I’d like to highlight the potential security problems with regards to the massive data breach on Twitch that has happened 5 days ago.

I use only YT to watch the bootcamp livestreams, so I’m not sure how it works exactly, but as I understand it, you have to make an account on Twitch to follow channels or to participate in chat, in some cases. So I suppose this issue affects both the streamers and the viewers.

Obviously, I’m no security expert, but I’m posting it here to alert other bootcamp participants that they might need to change their account information there (logins, passwords and other data).

Also, a shoutout to mentors, instructors and the experienced devs on the forums: could you adress this issue here and how much of a threat it is to the regular users, as well as to the people who have own their channels?

For the people who want to check if their personal information has been compromised (anywhere, not only on Twitch - I presume the data from the most recent leaks might not be available yet (???)), I recommend this site: You can also search for the details of the attack and the specifics of stolen data on Reddit, there are tons of helpful threads there and programming people are very friendly to newcommers.

I hope you stay safe!