Some suggested books written by scientists

If you like to read more, here are some books written by scientists practicing in the field.

  • “Road to Reality by Roger Penrose—he received the Nobel prize in physics in 2020 for his black hole research

  • "A brief history of time " --by Stephen Hawking

  • "Brief answers to the big questions" … by Stephen Hawking

  • "Black Holes and baby universes" — by Stephen Hawking

  • "The black hole war — by Leonard Susskind

  • ’Light in the Darkness: Black Holes, the Universe, and Us’ — by Falcke, Heino

  • 23 Best General Relativity Books for Beginners


A book unrelated to black holes but one I liked is Six easy pieces of essential physics by Richard feyman


My favorite Physicist! :+1:

also, check out this website that has all three volumes of Feynman lectures in physics and much more…

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