Project: Let’s learn JS by building a converter for Roman numerals!

Hello everyone!

In this stream, we’re going to put our new JavaScript skills to work by tackling a project: we’re going to build a converter for Roman numerals.

Note that this project is one of the requirements for completing the freeCodeCamp certification and unlocking the certificate.

Here’s where you can watch the stream:

And here’s the project we’re tackling:

As always, we’ll end the stream with a Q&A, so bring your questions. :slight_smile:

See you there!

hello everyone

I add code for reversed function but is some how weird ,it show :infinity: loop when there is no infinite loop

add that code to your to understand what I mean:

function reversed(str){
let i=20000


if(convertToRoman(i) == str){

  return i



return ‘no number like that’


turn out it is due to freeCodeCamp console problem
I test it on code pen and it work :smiley: