Need some help with the Profile Lookup

Hello fellow Bootcampers!

I’m at a loss with the Profile Lookup project in the Basic JavaScript section. Mostly, I have no idea where to start! JavaScript boggles my brain. I’m a wiz with HTML and CSS, but JS…argh…

So, judging by the proximity of this lesson to the recursion lesson (shivers) and the Do…While Loops section, I’m assuming that this task may benefit from employing those techniques. Am I on the right track? Should I just dive right in and make mistakes?

If anybody smarter at JS could drop me a few hints without giving away the solution, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. You all rock!


Hi, i’m stuck on the same Profile Lookup, so I googled and found this link:

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Thanks! I’m looking at the same thing right now. I think I’m starting to figure it out. It keeps telling me ‘undefined’, but I don’t know what is undefined. Lol

I’m sure we’ll figure it out.


Hi @Jacobra_the_Great

Are you using bracking notation?

Its just a for loop with that conditions and accesing with bracket notation. If you are stuck just keep going or take a break, it not worthy after 10 min keep trying. Its better do something relaxing, like walk, meditation, even wash the dishes, resting your brain, and back to the exercise later or next day.
Happy coding!!


Thanks! I took a shower and ate some lunch. Now back to work!


How is it going? I’m not smarter at JS but I would like to help, if I can.


It didn’t go too well. Everything worked fine until I added an else statement for the “No such contact” string. Then that was all it said, even when the parameters were true.

I wound up watching the video in the help section. I never would have guessed the solution, but I was glad I had at least figured out most of it.

Thank you for offering to help! :slight_smile:


undefined means you are using a variable that you have not defined