James Webb Telescope

Today on December 25, 2021, —the great step in space exploration has begun with the launch of the James Webb Telescope.

Here is the Launch of the James Webb Space telescope — video of the launch, if you missed watching it live.

This is the headline news everywhere today! Launch of James Webb space telescope

This telescope is now independent already and is moving towards its final destination 1 million miles from earth, at the end of our solar system. It will see furthest and discover many mysteries of our universe! Today makes a big day for humanity and a new era in Astronomy will begin with the largest space telescope ever built.

We celebrated our Christmas morning, watching the successful launch of this amazing space telescope.

We studied together History of Science, Extinction of Dinosaurs and now are going to explore Black holes. This space telescope data will reveal the history far beyond these times and space. This is the century of so many breakthroughs in Astronomy.

Very best for the official beginning of Science Fridays in 2022 ----that starts with the Astronomy class. Let us excite and attract many young astronomers!

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate and happy social learning to everyone and everywhere!


Thanks, Sonal. I’d completely missed this piece of news. That telescope looks amazing.

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yes, the most amazing …it will unfold in space! Such a cool engineer and art. More than 30 years of work have been put in to build this telescope … we all will follow its trajectory and it will reach its final destination one million miles away from us…in January! The next stage is tonight, …that you can still watch live …you can find the ive stream on the NASA website…

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Yeah, the deployment that will take place over the next few days looks quite amazing:

I just came across another video on YouTube from 10 years ago that already showed the deployment sequence. It’s incredible to realize how much planning goes into these projects: James Webb Space Telescope Deployment Animation - YouTube


this is so cool!
Now, unfolding has already begun today! In one month it will be completely unfolded! This is an amazing piece of work, that will enable greater science.
For the team involved in making and deploying this project, today was like opening their Christmas gift in space :slight_smile:

It was launched about 5 hours ago and it has already reached 1/3rd of the distance to our moon! Yes, on the Christams day in USA, it will pass moon!


We can track the telescope live here: Where Is Webb? NASA/Webb