Css colored markers


I’m having some kind of error on the first example of this lesson.
It keeps telling me that HTML tag should be written below DOCTYPE declaration.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance,


Hi @daniel2681070
Sometimes its just erase spaces between tags. Copy and paste from a editor outside the pages can do some weird stuff as well.
Check you dont have any other tags at the white space outside your box, though
Happy coding and weekend!!

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Hi @carlost2672543 ,
Will try what you said, but I copied the same code as in the YouTube session and it was not working.

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Hi @daniel2681070

Did you try on different browser? Could it be some extension, privacy setting or even your antivirus?

<!DOCTYPE html>

I have check again on my exercise and it worked. Check those things then. Also remember you can go to the next exercise from principal page and back later to that one. Dont need to be stuck in some exercise.

Let us know it you get it. Good luck

Hello @carlost2672543 ,

juts downloaded Firefox and tried on that browser…IT WORKED!!

Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

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Hi @daniel2681070

I glad you got it :smile: :partying_face:
Sometimes you just need to update your browser or even erase its cache and thats it. Be aware of that too.
Happy coding and weekend!!