What happiness is

Nearly 7 years ago, I read this post on Quora, shared by someone, not the original writer though. With due credit to that unknown author, I would like to share here. I relate to it in its entirety. Which part can you relate to?

What happiness is …


For me happiness is related to meaning. Being present with life.

I remember one of times I was for a bit on my own at Glastonbury Tor. Sleeping there outside with the rain. And then being full there on top of the hill with the sun arising. (The place I stayed at rest of days lend me a sleeping bag)

This memory keeps me still going. Even though it is now over 15 years that I was there for the last.

Music titles I now think of:
Let it be (Beatles)
Nothing else matters (Metallica)


Coincidentally, the post contains verbatim part of my personal definition of happiness. :blush: So I can definitely relate to it. Thanks for sharing, @Nam.

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