Welcome to the HoS Study Group + Introductions

Hello everybody, tudo bem?

My name is Fabio, I’m your group coordinator which means I’ll be handling the communication and hosting our meetings for this awesome group. It also means I’m not entirely familiar with the material and we’ll be learning together for the following weeks.

The History of Science (HoS) course will explore the development of science — from the Greek natural philosophers, to medicine in the Middle East, to the Space Age, to the advent of computers. It also shows how we’ve been trying to understand the universe and life itself, as well as our basis for establishing knowledge: the scientific method.

Some important things to keep in mind this first week:

  1. Bookmark this: HoS Portal where you will find all important links to our Zoom meetings, study schedule, and announcements.
  2. All the material for this group can be studied on Class Central Classroom (distraction free experience), or if you prefer you can just head to Crash Course playlist on Youtube.
  3. We’ll be starting our meetings by the end of next week, on Friday, Sep 17th. So feel free to get started learning the material.
  4. Introduce yourself: your name, country, favorite scientist, and why you are here.

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Fabio, I’m from Brazil. I had lived most of my life in a big city but I moved to a small, coastal city 2 hours from São Paulo 2 years ago. It’s hard to pick my favorite scientist but I’ll go with Santos Dumont, Brazilian inventor and aviation pioneer, piloting 14-bis that could take off without catapult assistance. For that reason they taught us in school Brazil was the first to have a “real airplane”. I believe it inspired many kids to become inventors and scientists since we have someone with such recognition (at least I was inspired by it).

I’m here because I love the science bit of the course, but I’m terrible at history (I almost failed 6th grade because of the French revolution!). So the only way I can get through this material is with a group like this to support me when the difficult times come.



I’m Hamish and I’m from southern England. I’m currently living in Thailand, where I work as a private tutor, although this year it has all been online because of covid.
As Fabio says above, it’s hard to pick a favourite scientist. After thinking about it, I’d have to say James Hansen, the climate scientist whose testimony to Congress in 1988 first brought global warming to public attention. That was 33 years ago, and we now seem to be in a much worse place environmentally than then. Hansen also seems a good choice given this is the year of the new and disturbing IPCC report and the COP26 meeting in November.
I’m here because I love history. I studied it at university, have a PhD in it, and used to teach it in various universities in the UK and Africa. My research interests (Africa, colonialism, French Revolution), though, have little to do with the history of science, so I am looking forward to learning more about this area.

James Hansen getting arrested for his activism.


Hello everyone! I am Dhawal and I am the founder of Class Central. I live in California (United States).

I haven’t really engaged with “science” for a long time until the Mountains 101 course that some of us did as a public study group we did early this year. So I would say my favorite scientists are @DavidHik and Zac Robinson :slight_smile:

In the Mountains 101 course, Zac did share some history for certain topics like Mountain building which I found very interesting and thats why I am here.


Hi Fabio More power to the enthusiasts like you , surely it will be a great experience studying with you people


Hello everyone, I’m Tia.
I’m joining this Study Group out of curiosity…this is a new way of learning for me, and I’m interested to learn new things, including learning new methods/ new ways to learn.
I will be joining from Indonesia, but I don’t know yet what (local) time the Study Group will be, hopefully I will be able to make it
Happy learning all
p.s. I don’t have favourite scientist yet, but I really appreciate all of scientists that had improved our quality of life all throughout history


Hi Sidra here,

I’m from Pakistan , a BS Computer Science 2nd Semester(now starting on 13th Sep) student of Comstats University Islamabad . I have successfully completed QBronze Course and previously I have been enrolled in 2 semester Introduction to Quantum Computation Course . Also I am the only student from Comstats Islamabad who have been studying Quantum Computation From Online sources and officially from international Programs as well . I was a pre medical student till 2020 and in the start of 2021 Feb 15 I get enrolled in Comsats University as a Software Engineering student . Then during those days as I was studying Quantum Computation with Qubit by Qubit and figured out that while studying Software Engineering I can barely manage to channel my carrier towards Quantum Computation . So I applied for the shifting of my program for software Engineering to Computer Science . I have done ICT(in python ) so I’m doing Machine learning and Data Science Projects in python these days , I want to learn Quantum Machine learning as I get to know that classical machine learning in Keras ,numpy ,pandas also has a version in Quantum Computation as Quantum Machine learning . Can you further guide me how to channel my Quantum Computation Carrier while studying Computer Science .I’m practicing calculus and linear algebra with Quantum Mechanics , I mean it’s a multitasking process I’m carrying with me
further you can check my cv as I’m a first year undergrad student and have done all the given achievements in 2020-2021



I’m in Thailand, which is the same time zone as you, so the live meetings will be at 9pm on Friday evenings for us.

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I guess Hansen was considered an extremist 33 years ago, only recently we’ve realized how alarming the situation really is. Actually, I didn’t know how urgent it was until we did the Mountains 101 study group and I could see it firsthand in @DavidHik and Zac reports/pics. I was born in 1989 and I’ve always heard about climate change so there was so habituation around this topic. Hopefully, we can fight climate change disinformation/deniers with actual facts and science.

Anyway, I’m glad to have you here Hamish.


Hey Tia, great to have you here. We’ll be experimenting various tools throughout the weeks and I’m optimistic that you going to learn new ways to study and share your own techniques.

Surely, we’re going to find out your favorite scientist in the next weeks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

PS. You can check your local time and date for the meetings in our events page here.


Hi, hope you all are well. I’m Vaneza Oliveira Melo, I was born in Brazil, I live in Brazil. It’s a pleasure to be in this group and a pleasure to meet you. I am a public school teacher and I love History. I signed up for this course to improve my knowledge. Being here is a unique experience. My Favorite Scientist is Albert Einstein, despite being a physicist and I as a historian admire him as a winner and an icon for humanity. Coincidentally, he was a teacher at the University where I studied at Princeton University. May our experience here be successful!!!


Hi everyone - I’m Karen, I took the Mountains course with the study group. I take a lot of moocs from across the spectrum (everything but computers and business, I always say, though I’ve taken one of each of those, too).
I also do a lot of reading, and this year I seem to have been drawn to what could be viewed as science history - Hidden Figures, Measuring the World (I’m about halfway through and enjoying it tremendously - it’s a fictionalized historical biography of Gauss and Humboldt, takes some liberties but is wildly entertaining), and next, Disordered Chaos, which I’ve heard is a more contemporary Hidden Figures.
I’ve been watching the videos over the past couple of weeks, ready to go.
I’m very much looking forward to this. Many thanks to Fabio for hosting!


My name is Ron I am a proud member of the Mountains 101 , Alohaf Class Central Group. My favorite scientist is Steven Hawking because he served us all as a scientist and as an inspiration .He never gave up.
Honorable mention to Nicolai Tesla who discovered AC
( Alternating Current ) making this class and world wide electricity in general as well as well many other inventions. It is a travesty that Tesla never received a Noble Prize


Forgot to say I am also from California .

Oh ok, great!! thanks for sharing the information Hamish :slight_smile:

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I’m Pat from Australia. As a child, I was fascinated by a biography of Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only person to win one in two scientific fields (physics and chemistry).


I love this quote by Einstein as it makes me feel better about my own disorganization.


Oh, yeah, Hamish, Make Sense…:thinking:

@VanezaMOliveira12 Bem vinda! It’s nice to have another Brazilian in the group. A little-known fact about Einstein is that he was an advocate for civial rights. He accepted an invite to teach in Lincoln University to black students in a time of turmoil to demonstrate his support (even though he wasn’t in good health). The little-known Einstein: An ardent defender of black Americans against racism - The Canadian Friends of Hebrew University

@sloopie72 First of all Karen, thank you for the article! Preview: History of Science Study Group — Class Central
I was waiting for you to join us. I’m adding your recommendations to my list! :slightly_smiling_face: We should start a thread with must-watch movies and series.

@Ronald Welcome Ronald! I’m happy you could join us one more time. I hope you enjoyed your study group break. Unfortunately, Tesla died without receiving much recognition and for some reason they don’t teach us about him in school. I watched this movie last year: The Current War about Tesla, Westinghouse, and Edison. It doesn’t depict Tesla in his full greatness and sad end, but it gave a general ideal how the world ruled back in the time.

@pat Hi Pat, welcome! Marie Curie is underrated in my opinion. She had so many groundbreaking discoveries and paid a high price for that. Thanks for bringing her up!


Hello Everyone! I am Akash.
I am from India. I did my Bachelors in Computer Science and I am pursuing a Masters in Physics, right now. I joined this course, first of all out of curiosity, but also because knowing history of science helps a lot when studying science. It gives a perspective about what the scientists were thinking when they came up with a theory. I have learnt history of science piece by piece when studying different topics in science, especially when studying maths and physics, but I am excited to actually explore the subject on its own.

It’s hard to choose a favourite scientist, but if I have to I’ll go with Albert Einstein. His ideas of relative time and flexible space, and also his contribution to quantum mechanics, fundamentally changed our understanding of this world.

I don’t know the timing of the zoom meetings here in India, hopefully I’ll be able to make it.
Looking forward to learning.


Obrigada! Que bom que você fala português!!! :smiley: