Week 6 — Final Announcements & Schedule

Hello everyone!

We’re on the home stretch. If you’ve been following the recommended study schedule, tomorrow, we’re starting Week 6, the final week of ALOHAF. :clap:

Here’s an overview of this final week.

Week 6 — Announcements

  • Progress : By now, you should have finished modules 1–7. And you should be about to start module 8. Note that Week 6 includes two modules: we’ll also cover module 9, which is a course summary. :mechanical_arm:
  • Zoom : On Friday, July 23, we’re meeting for our final Zoom session with Raj. So if you have questions about happiness, bring them on! I hope to see many of you there. More info here. :clock1:

Week 6 — Schedule

This week, the goal is to complete the following modules (and thereby, the course) by Tuesday, July 27 :

  • Module 8 : The 7th sin, habit, and exercise
  • Module 9 : Summary and concluding Remarks

(If you haven’t finished the previous modules yet, here’s last week’s schedule . You can find the full study schedule here . And you can find general information about the study group here.)

Happy learning everyone! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: