Week 4: Schedule + Zoom Session about exploring use cases of Redis Data Structures

Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed learning about Redis Data Structures in the course’s third week lessons.

Here’s an overview of Week 4.

Week 4 — Schedule

Wednesday, July 7 - Tuesday, July 13, 2021

This week, we’ll be covering four modules. In Week 4, the objective is to complete the following lessons:

  • Bitfields
  • Use Case: Seat Reservations
  • Publish / Subscribe
  • Use Case: Fan out

(You can find the full course schedule here.)

On Tuesday, July 13, we’ll hold another Zoom session on exploring use cases where Redis Data Structures can be used. You can expect a calendar invite in your inbox soon.

Good luck with Week 4. See you on the forum. And happy learning, everyone! :slight_smile: