Week 4: Schedule (Special Live Session + Extra Week!)

Hi everyone!

During Tuesday’s live session, several study group members mentioned they could use some extra time to enjoy and digest the material. So we’re doing things a bit differently this week. Instead of covering the three final lessons in a single week, we’ll do it in two weeks. :slight_smile:

Week 4 & 5 — Schedule

Wednesday, June 2 – Tuesday, June 15

  • Lesson 10: Animal adaptation to mountains
  • Lesson 11: Mountain use and preservation
  • Lesson 12: Future mountains

Live Session 4: with David & Zac!

Tuesday’s Live Session 4 will be a one of a kind, since both David and Zac will be participating.

A couple of weeks ago, Zac summited Mount Logan, Canada’s highest mountain (5,959 m —19,551 ft), as part of an expedition to collect ice cores and photograph the mountain, among others. This article has more details, and here’s the expedition website. You can retrace the expedition progress through the Mountains 101 Twitter.

So rather than focusing on the last three lessons, Live Session 4 will be an opportunity to ask Zac and David questions about Mount Logan, the expedition, climate change, ice cores, and more. I’ll email the invites this weekend, as always. And we’ll leave the last three lessons for a fifth, extra live session, the following week. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I hope to see many of you on Tuesday. Happy learning, everyone!


Great idea to extend this by a week, I am still on lesson 10 and don’t want to rush through these last few.

Thanks for the article link, very interesting read and amazing photos!


Feels like each live session is better than the last one. Thanks Zac for sharing the details of your expedition and staying back to answer our questions. @DavidHik thanks for organizing this!


This was great! Thank you so much for reporting your experiences to us, and for all the pictures!