Week 3: 'Live' Session with David Hik

Hi everyone.

Can you believe that we are half-way through the course? For this week I thought I would offer a few options for further study and contemplation, but separately for each Lesson this week (since they are all very different). Of course this material is entirely supplemental, so feel free to ignore it, but it is always good to have additional ideas for conversation during our ‘live’ session!

Lesson 7: Imagination

In Lesson 7 there is some discussion about both classical literature and its modern manifestations in various Film and Book Festivals, typically held in mountain places around the world. One of the oldest of these is the Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival: https://www.banffcentre.ca/banff-mountain-film-book-festival

Here are a few links to explore:

And there are many other Mountain Film and Book Festivals too, and perhaps some of these close to where ever you live. Here are a couple of my favourites.


And a link to the International Alliance for Mountain Film


Lesson 8: Hazards

Watch “A Dozen More Turns”, a short documentary by Amber Seyler describing how emotion-driven human factors can create dire consequences in a quest for a few more powder turns during a day of backcountry skiing. A Dozen More Turns on Vimeo

Note: I just want to provide a bit of a trigger warning: this film is about a fatal mountain avalanche, the conditions that triggered it, and the human decisions that contributed to the disaster. And what we can learn from this event

Lesson 9: Mountain Biodiversity and Adaptations of Plants

One issue we will return to in more detail in Lesson 12 is the role of climate change on the future of alpine plants. There are more and more studies every year suggesting that there is an ‘escalator to extinction’ for alpine species. For example, here is a piece in the Guardian from earlier this year.


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Live Session 3 is over. Thanks everyone for joining. For those that couldn’t make it, I’ll send a link to the recording by email, like in previous weeks. Until next time, happy learning! :wink:

Hi everyone - this post might be redundant (because these live sessions are recorded), but here are some slides from our discussion on Tuesday this week.

And make sure to join us next week because Zac will be there too! 0800 Pacific Time on Tuesday. @manoel will circulate details shortly. Stay tuned!